Custom Ribbon Action in Approval Center – Project Online (CSOM & Jquery)

This post will explain you how to add Custom Ribbon Action in Approval Center

In order to add a button, you need to run C# CSOM code, but only once, just to add a button. Of course you can also do that in JavaScript, but since it’s one time operation, may be it’s more convenient to use C# code. Besides I will provide you both options.


Create console application, install Microsoft.SharePointOnline.CSOM nugget package.
Add ribbon.xml file with below content:

ribbon.xml contains two custom button definitions – one in custom separate group, the other one in default group.

Here is how it looks like in UI:


  1. Put below code into your console app:
  1. Go to approval center, sites/pwa/Approvals.aspx, edit page and add script editor web part. Put the following code inside:
  1. Click on custom button and you will see the alert.

javascript (JSOM) version:



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