World Clock

0To implement the World Clock first store the list of Locations with their Latitude and Longitude in a list Then we need to calculate the timestamp of our location. By passing the information we will receive the timezone as a response. Using this information will convert the data and show it like the image above. Read more about World Clock[…]

Current Location Weather

0In order to get the current location weather we need to use Geo-location of HTML5 supported browsers. It will give ask you to allow access to your location, Click on allow It will then get the latitude and longitude of the device. Then it will call the Yahoo Api for the weather information and then Read more about Current Location Weather[…]


Add Custom menu Item in ECB Menu using Javascript

0SharePoint provides a build in JavaScript, which has two functions for ECB AddListMenuItems and AddDocLibMenuItems.These methods are executed by SharePoint to display context menu. The below code will help you to add a Custom Menu in ECB using JavaScript. By default the ECB menu comes for the Title column where user can click on the ECB menu Read more about Add Custom menu Item in ECB Menu using Javascript[…]


Follow a Video in SharePoint

0Now in SharePoint, the videos are actually stored as Document Sets . And you cannot follow a Document Set. Which is why you do not get the option to follow a video. The following content types can be followed : User Document Site Tag Now we can follow a Document Set using JavaScript based on Read more about Follow a Video in SharePoint[…]


Get All Sites and Sub Sites using REST API

0This post will explain you how to Get All Sites and Sub Sites using REST Api in SharePoint Online In order to get the list of sub sites from a site we need to call the below URL:

Now to get the entire site structure we will need to loop every site to see Read more about Get All Sites and Sub Sites using REST API[…]

Event Timeline for SharePoint

0Event Timeline are Events are taken from the Calendar List and displayed in a more intuitive manner. I have used the timeline script from the below URL: I have added an extra column to store the image URL. Code: timeline

List:  Timeline:    

SharePoint Security

0The code I am attaching will do the following things Get all users from the site Check if User is Site Admin Get all groups the user belongs to Details page of user on click of user name Navigate to group on click of group name I have used to enable the following Default Read more about SharePoint Security[…]

Convert SharePoint List to PDF,CSV,Excel using JavaScript

0This blog will explain you how to Convert SharePoint List to PDF,CSV,Excel using JavaScript for SharePoint Online Just few days back I was surfing through the SharePoint Store and I found an app called “List2Pdf”. This actually is useful when it comes to users who store the data in SharePoint Lists and then export the Read more about Convert SharePoint List to PDF,CSV,Excel using JavaScript[…]


Create Document Set using SharePoint REST Interface

0This blog post explains you how to create a Document Set using SharePoint REST Interface. Happy SharePointing!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😀 Reference Link:

Version History Trimmer

0  The code currently deletes all the versions from just one document.But this will give you an idea of how to make it work for multiple documents as well here is the code below on how to  use it Version Trimmer :

below is what you will see ARF.docx has 2 versions as shown below Read more about Version History Trimmer[…]