Add values to Choice Field drop down sharepoint choice field column

0I tried this just for fun ūüėõ , enjoy


Display Version History Through JavaScript (List)

0Well this requirement came in one of my project where the user should be able to view version history of list items but ribbon access should not be allowed. When you usually view version history through the SP Ribbon, it actually calls the VersionHistory.aspx page and by passing the parameters¬†List(GUID), ID(ListItem ID), Source(URL of List Read more about Display Version History Through JavaScript (List)[…]


Check if current user belongs in particular group using JavaScript

0To check if current user belongs in a particular group kindly implement the code below script:

Check out the below link:


Display Current User through Javascript

0I have used SharePoint‚Äôs JavaScript Object Model to retrieve the current logged in username. Once you have executed the load and executeQueryAsync methods and the call to SharePoint was¬†successful, then inside of the onQuerySucceeded method is where I display the username to the¬†browser using the SP.Principal.get_loginName property. Try it out.You can host and run the Read more about Display Current User through Javascript[…]